Children Age 5 and Under are required to attend a 45-minute preliminary lesson and consultation before acceptance into the regular program of study.  


Students Ages 6 -17 with any level of experience are invited to register into the regular semester program.


Adult Students - 18 - Ageless: Please go to the link for Prospective Students - Adults. 

All students are asked to commit to no less than

25-30 minutes of practice a day.  


All Children and Young Students Are Required 

To Participate and Perform in the Fall and Spring Recitals.


Please Contact Frozen Music Productions Via


or call 907-245-2328 With Any Questions You May Have.




I believe in a program of total musicianship -- a program that encompasses instrumental skills, music reading, music theory, technique, listening and performance skills.   It is a combination of these skills that makes my lesson time with each student relevant as well as fun.  It is a method that will enable students to enjoy music on their own terms through their lifetime.



The parental role in the context of music lessons is extremely important.  Please encourage your child's musical development by scheduling this or her day so that 1) there is sufficient time to practice; 2) by delivering and picking up your child promptly at lesson time; 3) by showing pride in the progress each child demonstrates; 4) by taking time to listen to your child perform at home; 5) by making sure he or she brings all required class materials to the lesson and 6) by attending semester recitals.



Parents bringing siblings of the student to the lesson are asked to wait in the side or main waiting room during the lesson.


In the interest of building a solid teacher-student relationship, parents of new students are invited to sit in on the first three lessons.  After that, I ask that parents wait outside in the waiting room during lessons in order that the student-teacher working relationship may be developed.  Please feel free to discuss this policy with me.


Students are asked to practice a minimum amount of time each day.  This time will vary with their age and skill level, but should be no less than 25-30 minutes a day.  This should not be seen as the goal, but rather the minimum amount of practice time for each student. 


For young people, I run my studio on a semester basis.  Each semester includes between 14 and 17 lessons, plus a free Make-Up Week at the end of each semester.  New students may sign up for a three-week trial package, after which they are put onto a pro-rated semester schedule.  Please call 907-245-2328 for tuition and payment plans.








Recitals are held in the Brooke Marston Recital Hall, in the Turnagain Arts Building.  Please make every attempt to allow your child to participate in this event.   Adult participation in the recitals is optional.   

 The Fall Recital is scheduled for Saturday, May 29, 2017, at 5:00 pm.  Please note that the recital time is one hour earlier than our formerly scheduled evening recitals.

 Recitals are required performances for all students unless other arrangements are made with Kathleen Bielawski no later than one month in advance of the recital day.  I understand that conflicts may arise; however, our advance notification of the recital date will assist you in helping a student avoid missing a recital.

Performance and respectful participation as a co-performer and audience member are integral components of a student's musical experience.  Well in advance of the recital, I dedicate lesson time to discussion with the student regarding music selection, performance and recital format, as well as respectful behavior during the recital.  I rehearse each student during his or her weekly lessons.  It is important to me to attempt to diffuse any potential nerves of performance anxiety.  Recitals are meant to be celebrations, and I try to instill that outlook in my students.  I also rely on parents to discuss proper attire and behavior as an audience member with the students, as well as siblings and friends who may be attending the recital.




As much as I love supporting all of my students' efforts, I am no longer able to purchase tickets to student events or to support fundraisers for schools.  In the past I have done this, but I strongly feel that if I commit to financially supporting one student's event, I must be fair and support all of my students' events -- and this is not possible.  Each year, Frozen Music Productions selects charities to support.  With a limited budget for these contributions, I must regretfully decline to support any others.  Please help me to avoid any possible moments of awkwardness by discouraging your child from asking me to make a financial donation to their school fundraisers or events.   Thank you for your cooperation.



Please be sure to keep me up to date regarding your current home address, you home, work and cell numbers, your e-mail address and your current credit card number.  This is imperative, especially during the winter months when I will be contacting you regarding any weather-related schedule announcements.