If you have ever played the piano or written music...or wanted to, now is your time! 

The advantage of being an adult and beginning or returning to music instruction is that you really know why you want to be working with music.  It's your choice; not your parents'; not anyone else's.  Your lesson time and practice time outside of lessons are time for you to celebrate and reconnect with your love of music.

With Kathleen Bielawski, your lessons are tailored to your music goals.  Music for study is selected jointly with Kathleen; you have input into what you want to play, and this can include music of any style, any genre and from any culture.  Within this framework, we focus on note-reading, rhythm/counting, technique, plus your own interpretation and expression.   

Adult performances in student recitals are welcomed, but not required.   From time to time, adult students gather for an evening of music, playing (optional), discussion and sharing.   This is a wonderful time for like-minded souls to come together and celebrate music together.  These evenings are also optional, but are meant to be fun, convivial, informative and non-stress inducing.  It is a gathering of people who love music.

Recording techniques can be introduced into lessons and students are encouraged to record pieces as they are mastered.  Once several pieces are recorded, students have the option of creating their own cd.  This is a great way to have a record of your progress and to present a polished, professional cd to one's family and fans.  

Most of all, your private lesson is a time for you to embrace your love of music and to set and meet whatever musical goals you wish.   Come work within a supportive, enthusiastic, nurturing and fun environment and there's no limit to your own progress and accomplishment.

Please e-mail Kathleen Bielawski at, or call 907-245-2328 to discuss beginning or restarting your own musical journey.